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Homeobotanical Therapy (Hb)


Welcome to the world of Homeobotanical Therapy (Hb), a gentle and subtle approach to healing that combines the principles of homeopathy, herbal medicine,  energetic and vibrational healing. If you are seeking a holistic therapy that respects your body's natural healing mechanisms, then Homeobotanical Therapy could be the perfect fit for you.


What is Hb Therapy?

Similarly to herbal medicine, Hb Therapy utilises the blending of several herbs to produce a balanced formula. Each preparation in the Hb range stimulates healing in either an organ or a system of the body. The formulations are a balance of trophorestorative herbs, which are selected to nutritionally support each organ or system, and depurative herbs to drain away toxins and keep the nutritional pathways open.

Overall, Homeobotanical Therapy is a gentle and respectful approach to healing, which works with your body's natural healing mechanisms. If you're seeking a holistic therapy that combines the best of herbal and homeopathic principles, then Homeobotanical Therapy may be just what you're looking for.

How Homeobotanical are
made and work

Homeobotanical formulas are made by combining liquid botanical extracts and individual homeopathic remedies, which are then diluted and potentised to activate their herbal energy. This allows for both homeopathic and herbal actions from the remedy. The primary focus of Hb Therapy is to stimulate your body's natural healing mechanisms, which is achieved through a combination of herbal and homeopathic principles.

Hb Therapy is essentially a hybrid of homeopathic and herbal medicine, which also incorporates energetic and vibrational healing principles.

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The Actions of Homeobotanical 

Physical Action improves the body's ability to drain toxins from metabolism and the environment. They work by creating channels that allow these toxins to be eliminated from specific parts of the body.

Nutritional Elements assist in the assimilation of minerals, vitamins and other micronutrients as well as supplying them.

Synergetic Action occurs when plant extracts and homeopathic remedies or other healing therapies work together to enhance each other's healing properties. The plant extracts provide a physical foundation for the homeopathic remedies to work upon, while the homeopathic remedies provide energetic support to the body's natural healing mechanisms. 

Dynamic Action occurs on an energetic level due to homoeopathic potentisation. It is designed to stimulate the body's vital force or life force, which is the body's innate ability to heal itself. By supporting the body's vital force, Homeobotanical therapy can help to restore balance and promote healing on all levels of the body, including physical, emotional, and mental.

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