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Let's Work Together!

Working together

I offer a safe, caring and supportive environment which
is private & confidential. The Homoeopathic  Consultations form the heart of each session and is a period of time dedicated to your health and allows you to relax and focus on YOUR needs.

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In Between Appointments

I am here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, email or phone me and I will answer your questions or set up another appointment to discuss your concerns


Homeopathic consultation and treatment offer a holistic approach to healing that is flexible and tailored to your needs. While face-to-face consultations are preferred, we currently combine online meetings via Zoom and Skype with express delivery for all homeopathic remedies due to the challenges of COVID-19.

Initial Consultation

Consultations are very different from a visit to a GP. Before your visit, I ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire. The first consultation takes 1 1/2 hours and the focus is on you.

During this time I take your case history is thoroughly taken — physical, mental and emotional symptoms are all taken into account along with personal tendencies, past medical history and family history, general energy levels, diet, sleep, and lifestyle along with any complaints and details of how you experience them. This is to gain an in-depth understanding of your complete state of health.

Expect questions relating to:

  • your current symptoms

  • past medical history,

  • diet & lifestyle,

  • sleep

  • mental and emotional aspects in your life

Follow-up  Appointments

We will schedule follow-up sessions a month apart during which we review your progress, and any changes since our last session and adjust your remedies as needed. 

Le'eat B.

Leah is fantastic! She is an expert and really knows what she’s doing. Her treatment has been really effective for me. So glad I found her!

How I can help you.....

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Homoeopathic Consultations

Homeopathic consultation and management offer a holistic approach to healing that is flexible and tailored to your needs. All consultations are via Zoom with express delivery of all homeopathic medicines. 

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Homoeobotanical Therapy

Homeobotanical Therapy (Hb), is a gentle and subtle approach to healing that combines the principles of homeopathy, herbal medicine, and energetic and vibrational healing. If you are seeking a holistic therapy that respects your body's natural healing mechanisms, then Homeobotanical Therapy could be the perfect fit for you.

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Book Your Free Mini Session and see
if it is right for You

Few things to keep in mind...


The outcome and duration of homeopathic support varies by individual and cannot be guaranteed.

My Philosophy

I offer an integrative approach to all aspects of healthcare, and I strongly believe that no one has to choose between homeopathic and conventional medicine, both work well together. I will refer to other therapists and medical practitioners to ensure my clients receive the best possible care.

Book Your Free Mini Session and see if we are a
good fit to work together!
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