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Do you suffer from reflux? This simple food could be the answer.

A lot of people suffer from reflux after eating a meal. Most people assume that they have too much stomach acid and that is the cause of their problems. So they reach for antacids to relieve their symptoms. However, what actually happens is that the body does not produce enough stomach acid to digest the food. There is not enough acid to keep the stomach environment sterile, so yeast starts growing, especially when we eat carbohydrates. The food starts to ferment and produces gas, heartburn and reflux. The stomach also cannot digest protein properly, which means minerals and B12 cannot be fully absorbed.

Some people take antacids for years. They all inhibit acid production in the stomach. Over the years the body becomes more and more deficient in nutrients and other diseases emerge. Of course, the reflux is still there. One of the things the body requires to make stomach acid is sodium chloride, yes salt. By salt, I mean unrefined salts such as Himalayan Salt or Celtic Sea Salt. These salts include over 80 minerals that our body requires. Refined table salt has been robbed of all of its essential minerals that are crucial to our physiology. In addition, harmful chemicals are added. 

Furthermore, unrefined salt has the following benefits:

  • Regulates blood pressure

  • Improves brain function

  • Balances blood sugars

  • Builds immunity

  • Provides electrolyte balance

  • Prevents muscle cramps

  • Improves sleep

Make sure you drink plenty of water and add a little unrefined salt to it. Add extra salt to your cooking. If you suffer from kidney problems consult your doctor first.


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